Pioneering Dreams: The Narrative of Matthew Wasik

Pioneering Dreams: The Narrative of Matthew Wasik

In June 1903, in the rugged hills of Appalachia, a 40-year-old man named Maciej stepped off the train onto the dusty platform of the mining community of Wheeling, West Virginiai. He had traveled across the vast Atlantic Ocean, leaving behind the village of Trześńii, Galicia for the promise of employment in the American coal mines. 

Maciej, with weathered hands and a determined gaze, had heard tales of prosperity and opportunity in the mines of America. He had dreams of earning wages to bring his wife and 4 childreniii to the new world. The reality, however, was far from the dreams that fueled his journey. As he joined a group of fellow immigrants, the weight of uncertainty settled on his shoulders like the coal dust that clung to the air. 

West Virginian Coal Miners in the 1900s, photo taken from

His journey had already begun a month earlier; leaving his wife, Ewa, and his 4 children, Wawrzyniec, Marianna, Michalina, and Franciszek as well as friends and loved ones, he boarded the SS Cassel in Bremen on May 14 with an acquaintance, Ksawery Kasak. With just $3.00 in his pocket, he began to envision the next chapter in his life. 

Passenger manifest for Maciej Wasik – arriving 14 May 1903 at the port of Baltimore, Maryland. Maciej is the first entry on the page. iv 

The mines, dark and unforgiving, echoed with the sounds of pickaxes and the rumble of coal carts. Maciej, clad in worn-out overalls, descended into the depths each day, his body growing accustomed to the harsh labor that awaited him. The camaraderie among the miners became a source of strength as they shared stories in their native Polish, finding solace in the familiarity of their language amidst the alien clatter of the mines. 

Days turned into weeks, and Maciej’s muscles ached from the unrelenting toil. The coal dust settled on his skin, marking him as a miner in a foreign land. Yet, amidst the hardship, a sense of resilience blossomed within him. Within the next year and a half, Maciej’s hard work led to providing his dream for his family – passage on the SS Lake Michigan with a destination of America.   

Passenger Manifest for Ewa Wasik and four children – arriving 15 Dec 1904 at the port of Saint John, Canada.v 

With long overdue kisses for his children, the Wasik family began anew in freezing cold Minneapolis, MN in December 1904vi.  With no mines in Minneapolis, Maciej surveyed the landscape and found a new industry, the railroadvii. He was no stranger to the laborious work, as his muscles were used to the toil that had come from working in the mines in West Virginia.  

Maciej and Ewa, now known as Matthew and Eva in their newly anglicized world, would expand their family with three more children born in Minneapolis: John, Thomas and Steveviii. Five of their children would grow to have families of their own, one passed away before age oneix, and another tragically killed in a car accident before age 20x that ripped Matthew and Eva’s marriage apart.xi  

Marriage entry for Maciej Wąsik and Ewa Kopeć, 12 November 1890 in Brzostowa Góra. Maciej’s parents are Michał Wąsik and Katarzyna Maciąg; Ewa’s parents are Józef Kopeć and Marianna Wójtowicz, born and lives in Huta Komorowska. Witnesses were Franciszek Chruściel and Jakub Trela.xii  

Matthew’s journey was a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who sought a new life in America. Despite the hardships and challenges of being born in Brzostowa Góraxiii, Galicia, the poorest region in the Austrian-Hungarian empirexiv, he forged a path through the coal-laden darkness, driven by the promise of a brighter tomorrow.  

Matthew’s birth entry: Act #10, born 22 February 1863 and baptized 22 February 1863 in house number 12. Maciej (Mathias in Latin), Roman Catholic, male and legitimate son of Michał Wąsik and his wife, Katarzyna Maciąg, daughter of Bartłomiej Maciąg and Ewa Stróż. Godparents were Wojciech Maciąg and Katarzyna, wife of Andrzej Sudoł. Baptized by Father Franciszek Jagoda.xv 

Matthew’s final torch went out July 11, 1936xvi while chopping wood outside at the age 73 in Forest Lake, Minnesota when it was 106 degrees F and high humidityxvii.  A laborer his whole life, Maciej’s dream of taking care of his family burned like a steady flame, guiding him through the labyrinth of the new world.  

Eva and Matthew Wasik, date unknown.xviii 

End Notes

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